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Kirjoittaja Viesti
ViestiLähetetty: 30 Joulu 2008, 20:51 
This forum is reserved for visiting people abroad wanting to know more of famous finnish UFO cases. We try to update this site as frequently as possible. Please comment our site, and cases.

Please just say hello for visiting our site

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Thank you for visiting!!!!
:D 8)

ViestiLähetetty: 31 Joulu 2008, 01:31 

Thanks, Rense

This is a new step towards more international UFO communication and co-operation. This came just in right time, because recently I have had nice discussions with two international ufologs: one is from Switzerland, the other professor of psychology from USA (arranged UFO courses at his university).
I shall inform of this area, so they can participate.

As you know on our website of FUFORA there are some Finnish UFO cases in English, but very few. It might be a nice system, if you could move the UFO cases mentioned here also to the website, so we get our UFO collection bigger...

Nowadays we have better possibilities to spread our UFO research international than ever. Internet gives fantastic chance for that. Unfortunately only very few Finnish ufologs have made international co-operation in practice: Ilkka Serra, Rauni-Leena Luukanen, Timo Koskenniemi, Björn Borg...

Still the record is from the year 1989, when 12 Finnish ufologs participated in UFO conference of Frankfurt. In 1993 we had the first international conference in Finland (Oulu), and in 1996 in Hanasaari, Espoo.

Maybe the best way to train for international UFO research is to read Björn Borg´s UFO books. Also his 354 presentations of English UFO books are a unique collection in the world...

We should also remember that a couple of years ago the chairman of UFO Sverige, Mr. Clas Svahn proposed to me that we could create common Nordic UFO archives. This would benefit us Finns more than others, because Swedes have collected 16.000 UFO cases to their digital archives, while we in Finland have only 1000 cases in digital form.

Tapani Koivula

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