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ViestiLähetetty: 31 Joulu 2008, 09:34 

In Pori, a city in southwest Finland, there is an air field used by both civilian and military airplanes. 12.4.1969 there was a training camp of the Air Force of Finland.
About 20 pilots were observing, how 7 yellow balls appeared in the sky. They were hovering about 2000 meters above the airfield. They were also seen by radar.

Nowbody knew what those strange objects were. Pilot Tarmo Tukeva was in the air training bombing attacks. He was ordered to go to check out those strange balls. When Tukeva was approaching the balls with his jet Fouga Magister, they started to move out as a formation. They sped away so fast towards the North that the jet had no chance to reach them. It was measured that there was wind blowing 185 km/h, and those objects were flying against it. Very soon the balloons were seen on the radar at the airfield of Vaasa.

No normal explanation was found. Two pilots who saw the strange balloons in the Pori airfield were Jouko Kuronen and Tarmo Tukeva. Jouko Kuronen, later the head of Lappeenranta airport, has talked about the case many times afterwards in public. Tarmo Tukeva described the UFOs that he was catching by jet in the international TV program "Visitors from the Skies" (Juhan af Grann 1992), prized later with an EBE Oscar a the Las Vegas UFO Film Festival. Tukeva died of a heart attack two weeks after telling about the UFO case.

This UFO case is the only one accepted officially by the Finnish Air Force.
Tietomaa, the Science Center of Oulu, organized a UFO exhibition and International UFO seminar (with foreign lecturers: Friedman from Canada, Azaza and Popovich from Russia, Volke from Estonia) in co-operation with FUFORA in 1993. The organizers sent a letter concerning the Pori UFO case to the Finnish Air Force. They answered by sending back an official letter (signed by the Information Chief of the Air Force), where they informed that those 7 strange balls seen during the training period of the Air Force were never explained in any normal ways.

FUFORA has tried to co-operate with the Finnish Army, but only in some few cases and with certain persons has it succeeded. Representatives of the Air Force have told our investigators that the Air Force has many UFO cases, but because the strange objects flying in the airspace of Finland represent overwhelming technology, it has been better no to talk about the subject in public.

Rauno Meriö, the former head of the Finnish Air Force, has been very interested in UFOs (translated Bowen´s book "Humanoids"), but has never given comments on UFOs in public.

In the 1970`s we had secret negotiations with Finnish generals to start co-operation in UFO investigation. FUFORA was ready to infrom the army about UFO cases, but when the army didn´t promise to give their information, the negotiations ended.

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