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 Viestin otsikko: HUMANOID OF IMJÄRVI 1970
ViestiLähetetty: 31 Joulu 2008, 09:34 

The UFO case in Imjärvi, the village near Heinola City (Eastern part of
Finland) is maybe the best-known Finnish UFO case abroad. We have had so little international co-operation in UFO investigation (due to the language
barrier) that only very few Finnish UFO cases are well-known in other countries.

That winterday in 1970 two men were skiing in the forest, Aarno Heinonen, 36, and Esko Viljo, 38. Both were quite good skiers and participated in local skiing competitions. They took a break in a small open area amidst trees. It was 16.45 o´clock.

Suddenly they saw a fire-coloured, longish object in the sky. The object disappeared and instead of it they saw something like light cloud. After that they heard strange sounds like hum of bees. Then they saw a lightgrey round disc, about 2 meters wide. It was hovering 3-4 meters above the ground. In the bottom there were 3 half balls, in the middle of them a round pipe. Greyish red smoke started to come out of the object. Then a small ball (diameter 15 cm) came out and in touching the ground it changed into a round disc (diameter 1 m). Colourful rays started to spread from this small disc.
It changed back into a ball and returned into the bigger object.

The climax of the phenomenon came: both men saw a small creature beside the UFO. The creature was a small man, about 90 cm tall, thin body, curved nose.
The uniform was lightgreen with white, long gloves and a cone-shaped cap. He had on the chest a black box with a white button in the middle of it. The box radiated light, which was regularly changing in intensity.

The whole experience lasted only about 15 seconds, then a cloud of smoke covered both the UFO and the humanoid.

The two men stood there, stunned and silent. Then they asked each other:
"What was that light?" When comparing the experiences they realized that both of them had seen the same phenomenon. Very soon Aarno Heinonen realized that it was very difficult to move. His limbs were stiff and sore, and it took half an hour to ski home, a distance of only 500 meters

After coming home the men went to see a doctor. Doctor Kajanoja investigated the men, but didn´t find any normal reasons for the bad feelings of the patients. They seemed to be effects of some kind of radiation. The doctor just gave some sleeping pills and sent them home. The next day, when they went back to the doctor, they were given painkillers.

The pains lasted for months, especially for Aarno Heinonen. He was on sick leave for half a year. Viljo Heino had been further from the UFO and had weaker pains. As in many strong UFO cases Aarno Heinonen became a contactee and he gained parapsychological talents. He has been quite a famous healer in the area.

One of the humanoids that Heinonen met later was "humanoid girl", who told that Heinonen was his best friend on this planet. However, the girl didn´t want to leave any traces. That is why she took a camera from Heinonen, who had got it from one UFO investigator.

When international UFO books and magazines have described UFO cases around the world, very often they have tried to tell something also from Finland.
Lacking new cases they have repeated the Imjärvi case. Unfortunately the story has changed quite a lot from the original form. One UFO magazine described, how the sky of Imjärvi was full of UFOs which tried to attack the poor men, who escaped on snowshoes... A big documentary book about the paranormal (Parker: "Atlas of Supernatural") presented a good drawing of the Imjärvi case, but informed that the humanoid was 9 meters tall (a mistake of just one point!). This doesn´t give a very truthful or scientific image of international UFO books...

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