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 Viestin otsikko: KNOCKING LIGHT IN OULU 1976
ViestiLähetetty: 31 Joulu 2008, 09:36 

Seven teen-aged people had a self-made cottage amidst trees in Oulu (Northern part of Finland). They were spending an evening together
(12.11.1976) in Rusko, a residential neighborhood. It was dark, only the snow was reflecting some light. At 20 o´clock they saw a strange light far in the sky. Then after being inside for a while, they saw two bright lightballs hovering one meter above the ground, about 20 meters from the cottage. Their sizes were about 1 – 1,5 meters in diameter.

Two boys went out and started to approach the balls. Eero Lammi, a 19- year old man, was walking first, Seppo Moilanen, 15, a couple of meters behind.
When Eero was about 10 meters from the balls, Seppo saw, how a lightbeam came from one of the UFOs and went through Eero. He fell down and lost his consciousness.

The youngsters carried Eero to the cottage. After 5 minutes he regained his consciousness. He remembered a flash of light and feeling pain before losing consciousness. When they looked through the window, the UFOs had disappeared. The balls had been hovering for 5-10 minutes. Some red points were found on the skin on Eero´s chest, in the back there was a red area.
Afterwards he felt no pain, so he didn´t go to a doctor.

UFO investigators made a proper research, but no normal explanations were found. Other people in the area had also seen strange lights at the same time in the sky. After 5 years Eero Lammi was interviewed in a local newspaper, and he still kept his original story.

On the same day, 21.11.1976, three Spanish soldiers met a strange, 3 meters tall being with phosphor clothes in Talavera la Real, an Air Force Base in Spain. José Trejo, one of the soldiers, was paralyzed temporarily and fell down. The other soldiers came and shot towards the being. They saw a bright flash, and the being disappeared. Afterwards José Trejo experienced some loss of sight and memory; later he had parapsychological experiences.

The Oulu case had some similarities with Travis Walton`s UFO case, which happened in the USA one year before. Walton and his lumberjack colleagues saw a bright UFO hovering above the ground in the forest. After a bright light hit Travis,the other men fled. Travis Walton disappeared for 5 days.
Travis remembered that he had been inside a UFO and some strange beings had investigated him. In Oulu Seppo Lammi had no such memories.

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