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 Viestin otsikko: The LOSS
ViestiLähetetty: 13 Heinä 2009, 15:13 
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Liittynyt: 06 Huhti 2007, 12:57
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Paikkakunta: Havumäki


This is just a pre-ad for the story that still waiting to be translated from finnish, for a while ;

( viewtopic.php?f=1&t=53&start=150 / RUOTSI JA ELOKUU 1985 ).

but as soon as the work is done, it will hit this page.. \m/

Pidentää elinikää : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbDq_337W1U

 Viestin otsikko: Re: The LOSS
ViestiLähetetty: 19 Heinä 2009, 07:31 
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Liittynyt: 06 Huhti 2007, 12:57
Viestit: 500
Paikkakunta: Havumäki

It's not fall yet, but sometimes things just moves faster (much) than expected. The translation
is not, well it's what it's ( google is not a very good tool for translation, a more detailed 1 is still
a work in progress ).

http://www.ufocasebook.com/072009.html / Multiple Witness UFO Sighting - Sweden, 1985

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/sweden1985.html

Pidentää elinikää : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbDq_337W1U

 Viestin otsikko: Re: The LOSS
ViestiLähetetty: 08 Touko 2010, 12:10 
Erityisen ansioitunut vakiokeskustelija

Liittynyt: 06 Huhti 2007, 12:57
Viestit: 500
Paikkakunta: Havumäki
The LOSS, part 1/4

aka Multiple Witness UFO Sighting - Sweden, 1985

The main reason for this second round is that i did not do a good translation from the
original text at all. I hope this turns out at least a little bit better, this time also Terttu is
helping me with the translation, so it's not only up to me and Google. Most likely there
will still be lots of typos, but hopefully it's readable however.

This is going to be a long story, much longer than with the first attempt, so maybe a
cup of coffee or tea close at hand before you go on...Ok, here we go.

Martti, Pekka* & Terttu . *not his real name. Pekka and i at the place,
Terttu is just added to the picture

1985, that was the first year me and Terttu went to Sweden to plant trees ( a job we did do all the
seasons until this year, so a few million trees where planted by Terttu and me ). We started the
job around Uppsala, moving more to the north with the season. By midsummer we were planting
near Östersund, and then when the weather became to cold to continue, then we moved more
south again, so that in the end we were near were we started in the spring, a full circle in a way.

Some had quit by then, but almoust all who had remained was working at the same place at that
point, so there were quite many caravans and cars around. We lived at the site, so just by
stepping out from the caravans we were almoust immediately at work, as usual, well when it was
time to work anyway. A good way to save time and gasoline.

About that site, the field both side of the road had to be planted. The road was also closed by two
booms, so the place was peacefull enough. The other boom was always locked while the other was
only kept pseudo-locked. That because we had only one key and people did their shoppings trips
at different times. The pseudo-locking did work fine, there were no unnecessary traffic at all.

At the beginnig, when we stopped at the boom to open it, a man from the nearby cottage did
usually come to speak for a moment, but later on he did not show up. Maybe he just had no more
to talk about, or then his holiday ended.

A couple of days went by as usual and then one day my parents dog was missing when we came
"home" from the field. Probably some forest animal came to close so Tessu ( the dog ) decide to
ran after it. Thin rope and sharp teeth, so easy. I also had a "strange" car accident back then.
We were on our way back to the caravans from town. Ok, accident happens, especially if driving
to fast, on a rally stage, with a car with bad brakes. Anyway, i did lose control of the car so it
went side-on against a big pile of stone, at a fairly high speed ( ~ 80km/h ). The sound was really
terrible, it sounded like the whole bottom of the car would have been ripped apart. The "flight" on
the other hand was really, really smooth. When the car finally came to a stop ( back on the road ),
we stepped out from the car to check all the damages, but did not find a scratch, only a minor
dent. We were a little confused, but at the same time very happy of course ( the car was recently
painted at that time ).

Then later on the field was at such a stage that we decided it was time for the rest of the crew to
move to the next place that evening and only I, Terttu and Pekka should stay and finish the
current field. If all should have stayed to finish it, then moving to the next place would have taken
time in the middle of the next day, and moving in the middle of the day usually ruins the rest of
the workday, even if the distant to move the caravans is short. So it was up for us three to finish
that place in a couple of days.

Terttu and i did exchange our caravan to an another, because our fridge did not work anymore.
The owners of the other caravan was planning to stay in Sala for a while, and fixing the fridge
would not take many days, so there was no problem with that arrangement at all.

08-21-1985, day one : the visitor

My parents had put a notification about their missing dog to a newspaper, and so happened that
we were closest to the place where the dog had been seen, so when Terttu and I heard that from
a man who did drive from Lenna to us and tell about it ( there was no cellphones back then ),
we jumped into our car and started to drive towards that place, but when we arrived at last Tessu
had already left, so pointless 200km driving that evening (100km there and then home again).

On the way back, it was already quite dark and we were maybe 20-30km from the caravans when
i saw a glimpse of someone standing near the road, close to a mailbox. I did look at Terttu and
saw from her face that she also had seen the same. We did not say anything at that moment.
I did put a little more weigt on the gas pedal. Then after a while i asked if Terttu saw the same as
i did, a headless figure. She had seen the same. Very good practical failure indeed, someone had
probably put a long raincoat on a natural size headless manikin, and had a good laughter..

The failure

The drive did take about 3 hours, and it was already late when we arrived back to the caravans.
The clock was somewhere after 22:00 or 23:00, so to the bed and fast, the alarm clock was not
going to show any mercy in the morning, that's for sure.

I did almoust step into the tent that was in the front of the caravan when Terttu saw some
strange light a short distancce in the pine tree forest, so she called me to take a look also. The
light seemed to zigzag between the trees before it came out to the open field that was right in
front of us.

And then Terttu asked me what it was, i said that it was a ufo.
And then she asked what a ufo was, i did answer that it was a space ship that aliens used.
( not maybe word to word, but pretty close ).

The arrival

Then i took a few steps to Pekkas caravan, opened the door and call his name, a couple times.
And because i did not get any response, i thought that maybe he had left to town when Terttu
and i was away. Ok, i did want him to see the light too, but it was also a little
scary with that strange light close by. I did rise my voice, PEKKAAA, and finally he woke up
( what a relief ). He did not sound so happy when he asked what is it, i just told him to get out
and fast.

And so the three of us stood looking at the strange light for several minutes ( 5 min. was our
best geuss shortly after ). It did not rise above the treetops at any time, and the times it
moved closer to the ground the stones and branches stood out clearly. Slowly it came closer
and closer. When it moved almoust in front of us, from the right to the left, beside the road
we saw a smaller and more red light at the "back" of the thing. And that did also help us to
estimate the size of the object, and we all agreed that the distance between the lights were
close to the lenght of the caravans ( 5-6m ). And even if it was dark the silhoutte of the object
could be seen somehow, a cigar shape. And maybe only because it was a distant place, and
therefore silent, the sound that the object made was possibly to hear. The sound kind of
reminded that when moving a hand on a plasma light, or like Terttu expressed it, the sound
that a flying dragonfly makes.

And for reason it did park just across the road, the distance to it was not more than 10-15m.
There it stood still for at least 10 seconds and when it was parked there, we just stood like
stunned and looked at it, but at the same time thought what are we really supposed to do. I
was so curious about the object so i did want to go to it, but at the same time the situation
was so strange and spooky that i choose to stay still at my place. Then it slowly turn away
from us and finally disappeared behind the small forest that was at our left. For a while it was
easy to spot trought the trees, but then the dense forest blocked the visibility.

After it had left, we stood and discussed about what we had just seen and heard for a short
while before going to sleep. Shortly after we went to sleep Terttu started to complein about
lights outside the caravan, even if the blinds and curtains were pulled in front of the windows.
She did want to leave the place right then, but i told her not to worry about them and cover
her eyes with the blanket, like i did. Even if we did not sleep more than a blink that night the
morning was very welcome.

( No pictures was taken althought Pekka had his camera on a shelf cllose to the door ours
was in the car. Ok, those were cheap cameras and maybe almoust nothing would have
shown up on the photos, but still...)

Across the road

Pidentää elinikää : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbDq_337W1U

 Viestin otsikko: Re: The LOSS
ViestiLähetetty: 08 Touko 2010, 12:12 
Erityisen ansioitunut vakiokeskustelija

Liittynyt: 06 Huhti 2007, 12:57
Viestit: 500
Paikkakunta: Havumäki
The LOSS, part 2/4

The one with the car, well the car is ours ( we still have it... ) and what's good about the
photo is that its show a part of the surroundings from that place we were at the time...
The dog (Tessu). And then the cat (Mikki) that we lost the second day

08-22-1985, day two : the escape

In the morning we talked about the visiter and Pekka and I did also plan to go fishing, so we
decided to do a shorter working day. The planting was done for the day and it was time to
do some fishing. When Pekka and i were ready to leave, Terttu told that she don't like that idea
at all, because she did not want to go fishing, but not to be alone either. She was worried that
the ufo would appear again, Pekka and i told that such a thing will not happen a second time,
we had never heard or read of such a case anyway.

Terttu did go into our caravan, she was planning to make pancakes when Pekka and i was
away. For her misfortune she did not look in what direction we left. That time i did open the
boom, and soon we were at the Södersjö lake fishing, well trying anyway.

Then around 16:30 Terttu did start to feel uneasy and decided to walk to the lake, but she
started to walk towards the wrong lake ( Östersjön ). She did not walk more than a couple
hundred meter before she saw a yellow orb that flew slowly in a direction straight towards her,
roughly 1,5 meter above the terrain. She quickly decided to stay low behind a small knoll,
hoping that the oval shaped object did not see her. Terttu estimated that the diameter of the
object was something between 120-140cm. The object seemed solid and the surface very
smooth. After a while she continued to walk towards the lake again.

Then she saw that the car were not at the boom, she knew that we did not have a key to that
boom, but decided to go and check the lock anyway. It was locked so she had to turn around
and start walking towards the caravans instead. Shortly after that a little paler and smaller orb
show up ( 40-50cm in diameter ). It did follow her close by, a few steps behind her and at a
half way hight of the telephones poles. The orb did keep the same pace with her until it finally
accelrated and flew into the forest that was at her right side. And when she at last got into the
caravan again, she started to pray, although she ain't no beliver.


Back to Pekka and me. The fishing was no fun at all, much too much aquatic plants. I did give
up fishing quite early and i did also start to feel more and more uneasy, maybe the feeling
began around the same time when Terttu was praying. Pekka did want to try to fish a bit longer,
so there i stood next to the car waiting. At last we were on our way back to the caravans, only
had to stop to open the boom once moore. When Terttu heard that we were coming back, she
get out from the caravan and then, even from far (60-70m) i saw that Terttu was very, very pale,
i told Pekka that Terttu looked like she had been sick.

She was not. She told us what she had seen, it sounded very interesting, so i did ask if we all
should go and take a look, Terttu and Pekka refused. And then i said, that i will go by myself
anyway, words that i did regret almoust immediately ( i did not really want to go by myself at all ).
Pekka went into his caravan. Terttu told me that i should not go, but i had to go, because i said
that i will, just a moment earlier.

As soon i took a few steps a very beautiful music ( some classical flute music ) started playing
from the nearby forest, sounded like it came from the edge of the forest, very closeto the open
field. It was very loud and clear, and it somehow surrounded us entirely. ( For sure it came not
from any house or boombox ). I felt that i had to go towards the point it first started from, and so
did our cat. Tail high up it went towards the music starting point, did not care at all even if Terttu
yelled his name over and over. It was very strange behavior from the cat ( Mikki ), never before
had it care anything for music, and usually he was very obedient.

It was like being in some sort of a dream, everything else, but the music went strangely silent
and the movements seemed like in slow-motion. I had already taken a few steps before Terttu
started to scream my name, so that i did luckily " wake up ".

After the wake up call i started to run towards the car and screamed to Pekka that he should grab
his sleeping bag, because we were to leave in a hurry. Leaving the cat behind felt so terrible, but
sceaming and shouting his name was all Terttu and i were able to do when we ran away. I could
not force myself to go and grab him, even if he was not so far away, i was just to terrified, and so
was Terttu. We "died" a little inside that day.

I jumped into the car, and Terttu went for ours sleeping bags.It was quite difficult to get the to
the right spot that time. Pekka thought that we did turn the radio on. Soon we were able to leave,
it did not even matter that the caravans doors remaind totally open. I did drive fast, but not to
fast, because i did not want to risk that we would drive off the road.

When we left the place it was still really bright, but after driving a short distance, 5,5km, it was
already dark, ( Remember looking at the stars across a field, when we came to the main road )
the oddity of that didn't strike immediatly, it took a day or two before we realized how strange
it really was. And we did not stop to open the boom either, even if i had close it a short while
ago. Our destination, Lenna was approximately 20 kilometers away ( from the caravans ). We all
did cry when we stood outside the door waiting for someone to open it. When we walked in i
looked at the clock and it was 22:10.

In the morning i did make a call to the police and told them what happened, and the answer i got
was "and what should we do about that" ( almoust laughing out loud ), i told that i thought that
people are suposed to raport this kind of things to the police.

We also called an investigator from UFO-Sverige, who then arrived to the place from Sala. I
can't remember his name, only some things he told about his trip to Hessdalen.

Pekka did travel to Finland shortly afterwards, and we have not been in contact with him after
that, but Tapani Koivula has been in contact with him last autumn, i was able to find Pekkas
phone number and give it to Tapani earlier.

Terttu and I did return to the place, once a day for a week because of the cat, but he did not
show up. Terttu and i did also plant what was left, it did not take many hours, that was when
there were more people around, moving the caravans away from there. Even if we did not get
our cat back, Tessu was found. We did pick him up from a police cell, that was a happy day for
us, and for Tessu. Terttu did remove 28 ticks from Tessu in a few days. Tessu had also learn a
few thing on his trip, new food to eat and how to protect himself from the mosquitos etc.

5 minutes

The map with the yellow line, the yellow line is 5.5 km and even if I did drive around 70-80
km/h when we did escape (try to) from the place, and in that short time the day turned into
night, just not possible.
The red line is where the boom is, that time we did not open it!, so even that is a big mystery.
The "UFO" is something similar in shape that Terttu saw there(?), the color should be
brushed aluminum or steel (i did actually find something similar to that on youtube).


Lat: N 59 º 49 '23.83 "
Long: E 18 º 7 '43.90 "

Map of the field (work), 1. from there the UFO came out to the field. 2. So close (it did
stand still for at least 10 seconds). 3. it disappeared behind that forest. V. Our caravans.
M. The direction from which the music started and where our cat did go. T. is where Terttu
saw the bigger orb and tried to hide. T2. there the second orb did follow her. O. the rout for
the bigger one. o. the rout for the smaller one.

Fourth Witness ?

An article in Sala-Allehanda(?) fits well into what we saw the first day. A man did wake up in
the middle of night becouse the bedroom brightened up. He did go to the window and looked
out to his garden, there was some strange orange light moving around. And that happened
the same night when we escaped, if i remember correctly. I don't have the newspaper, did only
read about it back then at my grandparents home. UFO-Sverige maybe have that paper,or then
a visit to the library in Sala could help getting the article.

This has probably nothing to do with what happened 21 & 22th of august, but here it comes
anyway, just in case. After that the investigator, Terttu and i left, my brother did go into the
forest around the field. In the forest, from where te music started he found an area in which
trees had been cut in a way that it looked like something had came down there, destroying
the trees in the process. And something had burnt at the foot of the shortest tree, maybe
because of lightning, some forest machine or then it could be some campfire debris, who
knows. The last day Terttu and i went to that place ( still hoping that the cat would be there),
we also did go and take a look at the area in the forest.

Pidentää elinikää : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbDq_337W1U

 Viestin otsikko: Re: The LOSS
ViestiLähetetty: 08 Touko 2010, 12:13 
Erityisen ansioitunut vakiokeskustelija

Liittynyt: 06 Huhti 2007, 12:57
Viestit: 500
Paikkakunta: Havumäki
The LOSS, part 3/4

Away from there and back home

Our caravan was taken to the next site, directly from the old site. Terttu and i was supposed to
continue planting. We did spend one night there, but the next morning we packed our things and
drove to Sala, we just were not able to concentrate on work no more at that time. We did stay at
my grandparents, until we traveled back to Finland. So everyday before we left to Finland we had
to drove a coupe of hours to check if Mikki had shown up, change the food and milk and call him
for a while.

And when Terttu and i did tell my grandparents about what happened to us, well, for them it was
obvious that it was Satans work, we had done something to earn it or something like that. And
then later on when we were back home in Finland we told Terttus father about what we
experienced, he just thought that we were crazy, he had worked in forest since childhood and
never seen anything like that, so of course all that we told had to bullshit, or then we were crazy
for real. However, those are the only negative reactions we've received from people we know.

Back here in Finland, Terttu complained that she could not sleep, because she heard a strange
kind of machine language in her head. Some of the noises Star wars R2-D2 makes reminds it. It
lasted for 2-3 weeks.And also her menstruation almost totally disappeared for several year after
that happening in Sweden. Sometimes she had morning sickness, and sometime her stomach did
also grow slightly, but when seeing doctors, there was nothing, well she was not pregnant
anyway. Maybe it had nothing to do with what happened in Sweden, but who knows for sure.

Terttu did also call Tapani Kuningas later on, maybe a couple of week, or a mounth since we
came home. It was at least half an hour call. They discussed about what happen in Sweden and
Tapani also told about a excavator driver that had a similar music experience out in the wilderness.
Tapani also went into the possibly that those weird sounds Terttu was hearing could have had
something to do with an implant. And because we really wanted to find out about the missing
hours, Tapani gave a number to one man who lived in Jyväskylä and twice we agreed a to date,
but he did not show up, did not even call and tell that he can't make it.

We did even let one man who we did know back then try to hypnotize Terttu, but he did not
succee at all. He had not practiced it much at all, and Terttu did not also trust him much at all.

I was back, there at the "scene" with my brother 21.08.1995, Terttu did not want to go back to
that place, and i have to say that it was surprisingly tough, 10 years later and my legs did still go
jelly. We had to leave the car at the boom and walk the last length, i did not wanna show that i
felt uneasy, but a few time a really wanted to turn around, but did not, so there we where and
saw that the area looked much the same.


I did loose my intrest of ufos for several years, but in late 2006 i did visit a finnish ufo discussion
foorum, because i had nothing better to do at the moment. Well, i ended up e-mailing with Tapani
Koivula and that led to a hypnosis session 05.10.2007, at last. Tapani did travel to Jyväskylä by
train, so Terttu and i drove there to pick him up. Olli Pajula came here all the way from Oulu.
The hypnosis did not reveal much more than that what we already knew, well both did recall
bright light coming into the car when we drove away from the place in a hurry. Terttu also recall
that odd shaped UFO on the map.

Ashort ghost story, that is related to the place

Next story was told to us by a couple who had live near there, Lenna, since the 60s. The day/
night we did flee, we did stay over at their home ;

There near number 2 at the map are still the base of a house, the house had burn down ages ago.
What we heard about the place after our encounter, well it was nice to hear about it afterwards,
not when we did still work there. The short story ; The one who lived in that house was feared
by other people, they saw her as a witch and kept their distance to the house, passing by very
quickly if they had to. Eventually the house burned and the woman, and her child died in the fire.
That would be a very short story, so it did not end there..When the road was still open, people
used the road as a shortcut when for example going fishing, nothing strange with that, the
strange thing was that many saw the woman (the witch) standing there at the roadside, needless
to say that people later on avoided to use the road, at dark anyway.

That's all for now. Part 4, it depends on when we are traveling to Sweden. Old & new photos,
interviews, videos..time will show.

Pidentää elinikää : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbDq_337W1U

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