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 Viestin otsikko: Origin unknown, Finland 1989
ViestiLähetetty: 30 Heinä 2009, 14:15 
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Liittynyt: 06 Huhti 2007, 12:57
Viestit: 500
Paikkakunta: Havumäki

A few years had already past since the close encounter with the
unexplained in Sweden...and then suddenly it was time for the
next one...

December 1989. The previous night did bring more snow, but the snow job had to wait until evening, because we had to
earn some money before it. Work after work, so nice...Then in the evening Terttu was already cleaning the yard from
the snow, when i did still sit at home, just thinking about it. Finally, even i was ready to go out and have some "fun".

What i saw when i opened the door was a big suprise, the first thought was that a helicopter had landed in out front yard,
but that thought did leave as fast as it had came, because it was certainly not a helicopter. There i stood and looked at
something that had landed or did hover just a little above the snow surface. The distance to it was about 20 meters.

Shortly after that i saw it, it started to rise. At that moment i really wanted to remember the lights, the arrangement and the
colours. All the lights was not in the same line and two of lights was slightly different in colour, i did not succeed in my
attempt for some reason. It did rise to 6 -7 meter and the distance to it was 25 - 35 at that point, it could not have been
more than that, because of the forest. That craft was not one without sound, but the sound is almoust to difficult to describe,
so something like hearing a thunderstorm from far away, powerfull but not loud...( makin' much sence ? ).

First sight of the craft ..

So it just moved a little bit and i could finally take my eyes of it. I looked at Terttu and obviously she did see it also, so i ran
a few meters to call my parents and their guest. Soon we 4 stood at the veranda and Terttu still stood at the same spot.
The craft did just hover at the same place and because nothing more than that seemed to happen the veranda slowly went
empty. My mam was the first to leave, she did not want her buns to burn...dad did start to feel could, so he left next.
Eko did stay with me a little bit longer, but eventually even he left, because he did want to se how a TV-program ended.

Too boring...

Then i moved to Terttu, we did discussed for a while and then the craft start to move horizontally to the right and at the
same time also a familiar car turn to the yard, so i ran to it fast and ask them to drive me a bit, because i wanted to see
the craft from underneath and that was possibly to do from a road it had to cross if it continue to move in the same
direction. Did not really have time to explain to those guys why i wanted to be driven and fast, so even if they did wonder
what the hell was going on, they drove me to the exactly right spot, the only possibly route(~30m) between the trees..
We jumped out from the car, but there was nothing to see. We drove another short distance, to a place where there are
fields at both side of the road, but still nothing.

Stood there for a while looking and lissening...this is, well was a place where you could hear your own heartbeat. So
i felt a bit disappointed on the way back home. At home Terttu had something interesting to tell, she had seen the craft
just vanish to thin air in a split second at the same moment we had turned to the crossing road, and maybe the best of
all is that she had seen the craft more clearly ( because of the cars headlights ??), there where some "boxes" on the craft
and it seemed to be very dark in color. Terttu estimated that the craft was 10 meter wide and i think it could have been
7 meter.

Live and learn...did i go inside and pick up our camera(?), no i did not. Another thing that i find a little bit frustrating,
is that instead of asking them quickly out of the car and take a good look at the craft, i asked to be driven away from
the ongoing show.

The place.

Pidentää elinikää : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbDq_337W1U

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